Anvil Steelworks

An Anvil Steelworks Hits Hardest

It’s not just a catchphrase, it’s a promise. Delivering a refreshing punch you never saw coming. When the craving hits hard, Anvil Steelworks hits harder.

Low Sugar means Low Calories | Anvil Steelworks

Step into the realm of Anvil, where we’ve declared war on sugar without sacrifices. By slashing the sugar content, we’re not just saving you from those sneaky calories; we’re paving the way for some serious guilt-free indulgence. So, why settle for a run-of-the-mill drink when you can embrace Anvil Steelworks – the concoction that whispers ‘health benefits’ without sacrificing an ounce of flavor?
Anvil Steelworks
Anvil Steelworks

Zero percent alcohol | Anvil Steelworks

Say goodbye to the boozy blues without sacrificing the party. We’re flipping the script on non-alcoholic beverages by giving you an option where alcohol-free doesn’t mean flavor-free. From rooftop shindigs to beachside chill-outs the 0% ABV targets for the steelworks means that it has less alcohol per volume than a loaf of bread.

The origion of the steelworks | Anvil Steelworks

Unearthed from the heart of Cape Town’s industry, a thirst so unquenchable after capping off a day of sparks and hammering. Only the invention of a new beverage could quell the parched steelworkers palate. They combined kola, ginger beer and bitters swapping recipes with each putting their own spin into the mix. Over time that recipe was lost…until now. We have found that recipe and it is here where it all began , back at the ANVIL. 

Kola tonic

Anvil Steelworks

Bold and impactful, like a well-aimed strike from a mallet. A custom crafted kola tonic was developed to deliver a flavor punch that resonates through entire flavour profile of the  steelworks.

Ginger beer

Anvil Steelworks

The sturdy foundation, akin to the reliability of an anvil in a blacksmith’s workshop. Ginger beer grounds the drink with a robust and refreshing base giving other elements the platform they need to shine through.


Anvil Steelworks

The unexpected sizzle that adds flair and excitement to every sip. Bitters is the spark needed to take a steelworks from mundane to insane giving you a remarkable thirst quencher.